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Surviving Evidence is a paranormal thriller that follows on the heels of the highly acclaimed film "Please, talk with me". This is to be the second in a line of films that focuses on the history of, and the theories behind, what is frequently termed as the paranormal.

• The first film, produced by William Edwards (CITA Ventures) and directed by Mara Katria (EiA) was a feature-length re-telling of the famous C2D1 Haunting that took place at SUNY Geneseo back in 1985. It premiered to a full house and critical acclaim at SCARE-A-CON 2013. A tour of film-related symposia featuring the actual haunting survivors, Chris Di Cesare and J. Jeff Ungar, was also met with great interest and fanfare. In fact, the SyFy Channel did a one-hour re-creation of the events on School Spirits in June 2012 entitled: "Dorm Room Nightmare", and a companion book by Rev. Tim Shaw was published that October.

• On December 1st, 2012, the go-ahead was given by financial backers, CITA, EiA and the PTWM production team. In June, shooting was held largely at the famous Haunted Shanley Hotel and portions were also filmed at Miss Fanny's Victorian Party House -- both as seen on the SyFy, Travel and Bio channels.

• This film is set in the present and looks to detail and explore the often extreme reactions -- both positive and negative -- that many in our society have experienced in relation to strange events that they cannot, or simply do not, wish to understand. The project seeks to raise as many questions in the viewers' minds as it may answer, challenging their minds in a concrete, unforgettable way.

• SE brings the creative team of Edwards and Katria back together and stars C2D1 Haunting Key Witness, Chris Di Cesare. Supporting Di Cesare is an array of outstanding paranormal professionals, celebrities and witnesses including: Rosalyn Bown, Brian Cano, Virginia Centrillo, Joe Chin, Matthew Di Cesare, Christine F. Downes, Daniel Hooven, Mark Keyes, Flip Searles, John Tobin, J. Jeff Ungar and many more. 

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William Edwards - ProducerMara Katria - DirectorChris Di Cesare - Key WitnessJ. Jeff Ungar - Journal Writer

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